New Carpet Installation

What We Can Do for You

New carpet installation is one of the areas in which we would like to bring our expertise to your home. We have experienced and knowledgeable carpet installers that can manage your installation with professionalism and expediency. We strive for quality and customer satisfaction above all else.

How We Accomplish Quality

For us, quality is a two variable equation: labor and product.


We only send employees with experience and a proven understanding of the details of carpet installation to our customers. You can rest assured that when we install your carpet, you will be more than satisfied with our effort.

Products and Services

To begin with, we offer old carpet and pad removal. While you are welcome to manage that aspect of carpet installation yourself, our experience in such matters assures that your floor is ready for new carpet. Part of that process is a thorough inspection of the sub-flooring.

We evaluate the condition of the sub-flooring in order to prevent a wasting of time and money as the result of a floor condition that prohibits the proper installation of new carpet.

Once we feel secure that the sub-flooring is in adequate condition for a carpet installation, we use a premium 8 pound pad as a base. That means the floor will have a softer feel and will extend the life of your carpet.

Additionally, we use Shaw Carpeting. Shaw is known for quality. The fibers are thick and durable yet soft and elastic. Furthermore, Shaw Carpeting retains its color and resists stains and mildew really well. Regardless of the brand of carpet you choose, if you purchase it from us and request we install it, we will put forth our best effort to ensure you are completely satisfied.

The Most Frequently Asked Question

Where can't I install carpet?
Our customers often wonder if we can work around toilets and tubs and water heaters and kitchen islands and a variety of other objects that are required to make a house a home. The answer is yes. We can install carpet in just about any room in your home including bedrooms, pantries, basements and shops.